These classes are limited to Coordinators and volunteers that are affiliated with ASARCA coordinated teams (teams affiliated with their local Sheriff’s Office or CAP). You will need the correct password to register for training.  Please contact your coordinator to receive the password.

SARCON 2024 - Heber, AZ

SARCON will be held May 1 – 5th.

The K9 Conference begins May 1 and runs through the 3, which allowed handlers to attend regular conference classes on the 4 and 5.

There will be a 2 day Technical Ropes Class during SARCON for those who are qualified and interested.

The class schedule and information can be found on the SARCON website.


SARCON 2024 new classes:

  • Off Highway Vehicle Certification (OHV)
  • SAR Topo – Mobile App
  • Intro to Family Liaison Officer
  • Intro to Management of Spontaneous Volunteers
  • Lost Arts of Survival
For more information check out the SARCON website.