Arizona Basic Search and Rescue Handbook

Download   This is is the 4th edition (9/7/2023) written and copyrighted by members of the Arizona Search and Rescue Coordinators Association, Ltd.   Students are expected to study the manual before class.  

Inland Search Management for AZ SAR Coordinators

Download    15th edition (10/2/2022) by ASARCA.  Designed to be used by  search managers in conjunction with Win CASIE III and ICS-SAR.   Forms the basis of a 5 day 40-hour Inland Search Mgmt course.  Participants are expected to study the manual before class.    

Inland Search Management (Non AZ)

Download  This is the non-Arizona specific version of “Inland Search Management for AZ SAR Coordinators”.

Initial Response Incident Commander Wilderness Search

Download 2nd Edition 2021 written and copyrighted by ASARCA.   A guide to managing searches for missing persons in wilderness environments during the Initial Response phase of a search.  It is designed to be used by search managers in conjunction with Win-CASIE III. 

Find ‘Em

Download  Find ‘Em: A Guide for Planning the Missing Person Incident Response.  This guide is written to help the PSC on large, complex search incidents perform critical functions and manage their section in the most professional, effective and efficient manner possible. It is copyrighted by the ASARCA, Ltd. 

Searching For Subjects with Autism

Download  The National Autism Association has compiled a SAR checklist when the missing subject is autistic. 

Managing Spontaneous Volunteers in SAR

Download   Suggestions on how to manage spontaneous volunteers — volunteers who are not currently affiliated with a recognized SAR organizations — that arrive unannounced at a search incident.  

ARS 11-441

Download  The State Constitutional Statute governing Search & Rescue operations in Arizona. 

SAR Taskbooks

SAR Taskbooks  ASARCA has rolled out some of the new Arizona SAR Taskbooks.  Completion of a Taskbook allows the SAR Volunteer to gain their Arizona Certification for that taskbook.